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Dash Upper Moulding Installed
Year: 1958-1962
Download: Supporting Documentation
58-62 DASH UPPER MLDG INSTALLED. The 58-62 Dash Upper Moulding installation is not hard to do at all. The moulding is a flimsy and thin and when you install it, no matter how hard you try it will have waves in it. If you pull back on the dash pad a tiny bit, you will see the existing holes in the fiberglass dash area. Once you Locate the existing holes you can use an aw to punch holes in the lower part of the dash pad. If you start at one side with the first screw and run it down but do not tighten it. Then move to the next hole and so on until you reach the end. Once you have all the screws in the moulding you can then start to tighten each one of them. As hard as you try to keep the moulding flat it will not stay that way. (look at the picture)

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