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Rear Axle Rebound Strap Rivet Tool 53-62
Year: 1953-1962
Download: Supporting Documentation
The tool used to crush rivets on the tips of a sickle bar works just fine! Do you know any farmers that might have one? **** This tool is made from cast steel and has two different functions on it. (pictured) It\'s made to crush hard rivets but when used with a ratchet instead of an impact it will gently crush the rivets and put a pristine rounded head on the matching side. **** The problem with this tool is that you are limited as to where you can use it. It will work great on hardtop rivets, rear rebound straps, and rivets where you can get both sides of the jaws in place. **** FYI: For doing rivets in places the sickle bar tool can\'t reach, (like where the fresh air hose bracket is attached to the inner fender) the best thing to use is a air chisel with a riveting head attachment! Turn down the air turned supply to the rivet gun when using on aluminum rivets, or you will squash them to fast and make them either bend or break the fiberglass they pass through. If you are using this method you will also need a matching buck block to keep from distorting the head on the opposite side. ***DO NOT ADD THIS TO YOUR CART, THIS INFO PAGE IS THE PROPERTY OF WILLCOX INC. 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DUPLICATION WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED!

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