What parts do you carry and are all your parts listed on the web site?

All our inventory is not listed on the site. We have a large selection of both used and reconditioned part as well as a 30 year old NOS parts inventory. You will need to contact us with a simple email and we can tell you if we have the part. Most emails are returned within 24 hours.

Will you be at the (fill in the blank) show?

We stopped doing the swap meets when the different states started making us file state income taxes, as well as making us add sales tax to each sale. While we don't have a problem with collecting sales tax for that particular state, we do have a problem with paying income tax to that state on an estimated basis. Besides, if you are an out of state customer, we can usually ship you the parts cheaper than the sales tax we would have to charge you if we were at a swap meet.